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My e-mail to Randwick City Council

Why aren’t there more areas in Sydney for dogs? Why can’t beaches, especially little beaches, have off-leash dog areas? What about Little Bay beach, off Anzac Parade next to the chapel and golf course, why can’t that be an off-leash area? Why can’t dogs at least be permitted on-leash on the beach? Sydneys population of people is practically matched by Sydneys population of dogs, it’s discrimination against dogs, and dog owners. I can’t see a reason why there isn’t more done about this.

I’ve seen dog parks be taken away because of children’s playgrounds. Why can’t these playgrounds have a simple fence around them so the park can remain dog-friendly?
There are no beaches in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney that are dog-friendly anymore, and nobody can see a reason why. If it is to protect the public, why can’t we have a couple of designated hours each day for off-leash dogs?
Or if it is because some people are not cleaning up after their dogs, why can’t we just have a more severe fine/ penalty for not picking up after your dog?
This is a discrimination against all dog owners in Sydney, and it is completely stupid to be frank. Sydneys dog population is absolutely massive, and growing. Why would you cut out more public places that these dogs and their owners are allowed to go? You’re only damaging your own reputation, population and popularity. Nobody that has a dog or two, or a bunch, is going to think “Lets move to Sydney! In the Eastern Suburbs! We can keep our dogs locked up inside every single day!”
I can’t understand it, and it upsets me profusely. At the absolute, very least, I cannot see a reason why we can’t have some designated beaches or areas where our dogs are at least permitted – even if it is not off-leash.
Very disappointed in the whole of Sydneys councils,
Jess Wynne.