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World Paws view on this ridiculous BSL scheme uprising in Australia

 They want all the pit bull breeds to basically be declared dangerous at birth!

With all the funding they would put into this there are other steps we could take.

I think anybody owning a powerful breed should have to have a license, also anyone choosing to breed these dogs should have a strict license, and it should be minimised for a few years until this generation dies out gracefully.


Some People say Pit Bulls are born dangerous and to an extent I agree with them – because this breed is highly used for dog fighting, personal protection or just plain gang aggression – and where do puppies learn what they’re supposed to be like in the future? From their mothers – this is why there are cases of placid dogs that have never shown aggression, suddenly killing their owner.

Mind you, in my opinion I don’t think most of the owners have a clue what signs of showing “aggression” really are.

Any idiot these days can buy a potentially dangerous dog and they wouldn’t know which end poops.


There really needs to be some sort of license to own a dog, or at least an information course that is free or minimal or even just a main website or something.

See we also have to make sure that because they’re so badly mixed with so many breeds, that the pure non-fighting bloodlines are still able to breed, to continue their existence.

As I said, with all the funding they would put into doing this the bad way, they could make it much better, and bring these breeds back to what they used to be, which was inherently a child’s dog!