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The Truth About Pit Bulls

Pit Bull as a breed, were in fact bred and created to be “fighting” dogs. Mainly used as bait dogs for entertainment. However they weren’t so intensely focused to the levels that they are today. Dog fighting today is an underground, highly profitable “sport”.

In the 1800s they were used for the entertainment at local gatherings, or in the streets as a sideshow. This brought almost no profit to anybody involved.

In the 21st century, dog fighting can profit anywhere from $20,000 – $100,000. Through hosting, recruiting and betting.

Dog fighting ring numbers have varied greatly since the 1800s. At some times, dog fighting was almost in complete remission. However greed is always a great motivation for the human race to do something incredibly stupid, and as such, dog fighting at the moment is a highly popular, illegal, activity.

The rise of dog fighting coincidentally coincides with the rise of Pit Bull breed related attacks. Now not all percentage of increased attacks is due to the rise of dog fighting. Once in the media, more bully breed attacks were being reported, no matter how small. They are also more heard about, and are generally the only attacks to make the front page. If a Golden Retriever bit a child in the head, it wouldn’t even make the internet. 

Pit Bull breeds, yes were bred for fighting and aggression from an early start. However this is no different to human children, where some may be born to learn the etiquette of being a respectful lady, and others are brought up to learn how to use a shotgun, hunt for game and join the military ranks.

Does that mean all women are princesses? Or does that mean or women are tough, buff and harsh?
It means neither, because each individual human being is an individual.

Pit Bulls were bred in for fighting. They were then used for another purpose. Their new purpose was to protect the dangerously loud, mischievous and dirty little creatures we call, children.
That’s right, all these bully breeds used to be known as the “nanny dog”.

They were well known for their love of children, their loveable nature and temperament and of course their ability to be a strong protector of their family.
Pit Bull Terriers were the breed of choice for politicians, celebrities and scholars. They were used as war advocates and mascots. They were the famous characters in childhood movies and tales, such as “The Little Rascals”. They were, and still are, a lovely dog.

So where did this go sour?

As the greed of humanity accumulated and dog fighting took a turn for the gang life, more and more people were buying into the money making business of dog duelling.
These became less of a simple sport or hobby, and more of an organisation. They have centres, facilities, associates and isolated private properties that they use to contribute to raising the perfect fighting dog.

Methods they enjoy are running the dog on a treadmill, whilst being teased by a dangling, screaming, dying animal. Steroid injections are a fantastic way to increase their stamina and aggressive nature. The dogs involved have their ears and tails shortened or completely cut off to reduce the risk of another dog being able to latch on. Spending their lives in a cage, or chained to a post in the middle of a giant patch of land filled with other dogs in the same condition, barking, rabid, filthy and desperate for food and natural resources. This is how a fighting dogs life is.

Like any canine related “sport”, a lot of the profit comes from the bloodlines. So yes, these dogs are mated with other dogs in the same line of “work”.

Puppies, once born, are blind, deaf and naked. For the first two weeks of its life it relies on it’s mother, mostly for nutrition and warmth. Up to four weeks of age, the puppy starts it’s social behaviours. Playing with its littermates and its mother is it’s main source of mental education. 
If its mother knows nothing but aggression and anxiety, the puppies will know nothing but aggression and anxiety. The puppy’s only sources are its mother and its brothers and sisters. If all the puppies are influenced by the mother, and the mother is influenced by a lifetime of beatings, torture and dog fighting, take a quick guess at how this puppy might develop its canine social behaviours.

“Well-socialized dogs are more likely to have well-socialised puppies. Pups often mirror their mothers’ calm or fearful attitude towards people; this is a normal part of their socialization.” – The Humane Society of the United States.

With the bully breeds developing more and more into a completely banned breed, private owning of these dogs are nearly impossible. They are not being raised with loving families, responsible owners or in healthy conditions.

This is the problem. If the only dogs that are present are dogs bred for fighting, then that is all that breed will become. Instead of solving the problem, every government, leader, prime minister, president, politician or council member that is approving these BSL all over the world are only adding fuel to the fire, it’s not going to get better, it’s going to get worse, and they’re placing all the blame on this breed.

This is canine genocide for a human-made problem, will you speak up?


World Paws view on this ridiculous BSL scheme uprising in Australia

 They want all the pit bull breeds to basically be declared dangerous at birth!

With all the funding they would put into this there are other steps we could take.

I think anybody owning a powerful breed should have to have a license, also anyone choosing to breed these dogs should have a strict license, and it should be minimised for a few years until this generation dies out gracefully.


Some People say Pit Bulls are born dangerous and to an extent I agree with them – because this breed is highly used for dog fighting, personal protection or just plain gang aggression – and where do puppies learn what they’re supposed to be like in the future? From their mothers – this is why there are cases of placid dogs that have never shown aggression, suddenly killing their owner.

Mind you, in my opinion I don’t think most of the owners have a clue what signs of showing “aggression” really are.

Any idiot these days can buy a potentially dangerous dog and they wouldn’t know which end poops.


There really needs to be some sort of license to own a dog, or at least an information course that is free or minimal or even just a main website or something.

See we also have to make sure that because they’re so badly mixed with so many breeds, that the pure non-fighting bloodlines are still able to breed, to continue their existence.

As I said, with all the funding they would put into doing this the bad way, they could make it much better, and bring these breeds back to what they used to be, which was inherently a child’s dog!

Obama speaks up about the BSL online petition in America!

Although he’s not in the running, i’d surely be voting for Obama over anybody else in this upcoming election. This latest outburst of opinion has completely won me over for him. 
It seems he shared his opinions after an online petition was raised to ban the pit bull breed in America.
We’re over the moon that we have the U.S president on our side in this war and hope that more people in power positions speak up for these beautiful dogs!