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Miranda Devine’s Article- late rebuttal

Miranda Devine’s article about Pitbull breeds being “dangerous dogs” has a lot of fact, research and truth in it. Nobody is denying that some of these dogs have been responsible for various attacks, mostly on children.

Speaking for most of the canine lovers out there I am sure, we simply don’t agree that every single dog that belongs to this breed group should be destroyed at birth. Which it isn’t hard to see, is the ultimate goal of this “doggie buyback scheme” she is suggesting to the government and/or local councils.
The fact is that dog attack statistics in general are a joke. 
Statements from Kidsafe QLD – these dogs were later believed to be convicted as “dangerous”:
“A 4 year old boy in the carport of his aunt’s house tried to take a bone off his aunt’s pet corgi. The dog had never bitten before and knew the child. The child received bites to left side of face and forehead and was admitted to hospital for surgery.”
“A 2 year old girl at home was feeding her pet labrador biscuits and he turned and snapped. She received bites across her face, and through cheek also causing eye damage. She was admitted for treatment.”
“A 3 year old girl was hugging her pet greyhound when the dog snapped and bit her on the face. She was admitted to hospital for treatment.”
People who do not own dogs read these statements and see “child admitted to hospital after dangerous dog attack”, dog owners read these with reactions such as:
“He took a bone from a dog!”
“She would have been flailing that biscuit around her head making the dog think it was a game!”
“A 3 year old wouldn’t understand that you can’t squeeze the life out of a dog when you hug them!”
These reports are designed for parents, as most of them are attacks on little children. Why are they mostly little children? Lets have a brainstorming session.
Dogs play with other dogs differently than humans. A well behaved dog may never so much as playfully nip at its owner, but roughly bite another dog for fun. Little children crawling around on the ground making funny noises and flailing toys and their hands around all the time must look like very strange little puppy dogs to other canines.
The statistics on the ages of children being attacked by “dangerous” dogs are the same age that they start crawling around. Not to mention most children have absolutely no idea how to interact with dogs safely, ESPECIALLY strange dogs!
Miranda did plenty of research into the parents, the attack of the child, the childs routine and wounds. A small, “kind-of” history on the dogs life, and then continued to blatantly label the dog another “dangerous” dog, and use it as ammunition for the doggie buyback scheme she has pitched.
If you’re going to research into one side of a story, you can’t write the article to persuade the readers to think a certain way by not looking into the other side. Most people have just muttered “but that’s exactly what journalists do..” – I can tell you right now, if you want to do that when you’re bargaining with somethings life, you’ll have us to answer to.